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Golf Car Battery Upgrades!

Are you tired of worrying about the batteries in your golf car?
Has a battery frozen in your golf car, leaking into the storage area?
Do you buy new batteries for your golf car annually?
Has acid eaten through a major component on your golf car? Tired of washing those terminals and watering your batteries?

AGM Batteries are your answer!

Each of the battery issues above, and many more that are equally as problematic are finally eliminated by a product you may not even know exists, Sealed, Maintenance Free, AGM Batteries.

These specialized Deep Cycle, AGM batteries are similar in chemical makeup to normal "flooded" Lead Acid batteries. These batteries, called AGM or Advanced Glass Mat Batteries, are a modified lead acid battery that is stronger, lasts longer, is lighter per AH, and will last for up to ten years. The warranty on the Lifeline battery is 5 Years* for some applications.

The difference is in the construction.
  • AGM Batteries are sealed, which avoids the problems of corrosion.
  • AGM Batteries are tightly packed with less electrolyte to avoid freezing.
  • AGM Batteries don't self discharge as fast, retarding the need for a trickle charger
  • Click here for AGM Battery Construction Explained.

    There are a number of manufacturers of this AGM battery technology, but the clear leader is the inventor itself, Concorde Battery Corporation, with their line of Lifeline batteries. Other major competitors in the space include Johnson Control's Optima Line of "Spiral Cell" agm Batteries.

    Lifeline Battery
    Battery Number
    lb - kg
    Cold Cranking Amps
    68 F
    32 F
    0 F
    Rated Cap.
    Amp. Hrs
    20 Hr Rate
    Minutes of Discharge

    Lifeline GPL-6CT, GPL 6C, or GPL-6C AGM Battery

    6v Battery





    300 AH




    Lifeline GPL-4CT GPL 4C GPL-4C AGM Battery

    6v Battery





    220 AH




    Coloradan's and those from other seasonally colder climates will appreciate the fact that these batteries won't freeze at nominal temperatures. The Lifeline brand battery, if fully charged, goes to "Sleep" at a frosty -35 F. Simply warm it up and recharge it to return to service. This avoids the cracking of the case, the spills of electrolyte, and the hassles of cleaning up hazardous acid.
    Click here for more about AGM batteries that won't freeze and crack.

    *Battery Warranty is dependent on application: 5 year warranty applies to RV and Marine applications. 1 year defects warranty applies to golf car and cart applications.

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