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Batteries That Won`t Freeze

Many a golf car owner in Colorado has come back to their machine after a long cold winter, only to find that one or more of the batteries has cracked and is leaking. This is usually the result of freezing electrolyte in a flooded lead acid battery. This problem can easily be avoided by switching your batteries from a flooded lead acid set to an AGM Lead Acid Set of batteries.

AGM Batteries are about twice to 3 times as expensive a regular flooded lead acid batteries, but you are buying something for that price....

AGM Batteries go dormant at a temperature of -40 F. This means that when your golf car, or golf truck is accidently left in the freezing garage, the batteries won`t crack, won`t spill, and will actually work down to -36 F, albeit not for very long. In addition, without acid spills, there is no damage from accidental freezing.

How much is one trip to the mechanic for wire replacements?

AGM Batteries last longer than Gel Batteries in Golf Cars.

GEL Batteries are usually the step up from the flooded lead acid batteries available from your local dealer. The problem with these in golf cars is the amperage. The force generated by the large amp loads on the electrical motors actually rips the gel apart, burning it inside the battery. This causes irreparable damage. At the end of the day, AGM batteries enjoy the abuse, and will last for roughly 1000 charge and discharge cycles at 50% depth of discharge. That's ten years at 2 rounds a week. Just remember to keep them charged up.
How much does your annual set of batteries cost?

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