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We don't have a licensed and certified service staff, but each of the folks we refer you to do! We take pride in the fact that the technicians we refer you to are trained annually to keep up with the latest equipment available. They aim to fix your cart the first time every time. They offer everything from annual checkups to full car restorations and show cars. Some of our the companies we refer you to are specialists in repairs and maintenance of all types. They service all makes and models of golf cars, golf carts, and golf trucks.

Easy Golf Cart can help you customize your cart in many ways including:
  • Custom Truck Boxes
  • Raising or Lifting Golf Cars (More Clearance)
  • Lowering or Slamming Golf Cars (Less Clearance)
  • Rims & Tires
  • Stereo, GPS, and Electronics
  • Custom Paint

  • We can help you make your cart more efficient or more luxurious so that it functions ideally to your specific needs. We will even send service for your cart to your door, or have others pick it up to do the repairs.

    With one contact form you are connected to hundreds of personnel dedicated to helping you get your cart right, in Denver, Colorado.

    Whether you are interested in a golf cart for your resort, ranch, condo or apartment complex, or golf course, we've got folks with the cars and the accessories to complete the job, or facilitate the need. We have access to new golf cars, used cars, or will take the time and effort to make yours into an effective working vehicle. We sell new cars throughout Colorado and our pre-owned cars to buyers nationwide. Easy Golf Car can facilitate fleet golf car leasing for special events anywhere in the country and supply an automated ordering system with various contract arrangements. We offer service and repair contracts for both on site and in shop services. We also have contracts for complete car pick-up and delivery as necessary.

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